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All game project are made in Unity Engine unless stated otherwise.

Death Blade

Slash your way through the Yakuza tower in style. This was my second project at PSQ with a team of 18 people and deadline of 9 weeks. Game engine is Unity and PS4 as the main platform. I was the lead coder with two other programmers under my command. There were many difficulties during this project, such as many members inexperience with Unity, technical difficulties with PS4 memory and bad communication between the coders, artists and designers. Personally I had to teach the programmers how to use C# and Unity, which ate up a lot of time. Other things I did was map generation, upgrade system, UI functions and help with AI.
Overall, I feel like the project was both a success and a failure. It teached me many things that should not be done during development. FMOD was used for audio.

Notable features:
- Melee Combat with three different attacks
- Several enemies with distinct behaviour
- Random level layout
- Upgrade system

PSQ Download the game. NOTE: Game is not meant for PC. There will be bugs and glitches

Don't Drink The Coolant

Protect the nuclear fluid from giant snails in this riveting hero defense game. First project during my time at Playground Squad. Being a solo programmer was terrifying at first but I quickly gained composure and the project ended up great. The team was amazing and very hardworking. Developed in school's own engine called "Tengine." My first real experience with C++ and it was very fun. Development time was five weeks.
FMOD was used for audio.

Notable features:
- Three different enemies
- Three attack combo system
- Customizable waves ( json files )


Top Quality Arena

My first big project. When development began I was still a newbie at C# but it went surprisingly well. Maps are built on a grid with chunks. A chunk in simple terms is an object placed at a position on a grid. The player have to kill static enemies placed on the map. The player can create own chunks to create maps, or replace existing ones. It was too big for a noob like me at the time but the game is in a reasonably functional state.

Notable features:
- Map Editor ( albeit very unfinished, but working )
- Semi-randomized maps
- Cool weapons
- Progression
- Save manager ( saves whole gameobjects and components )

Source code Download the game

Pegleg Joe

Violently murder your enemies in this brutal treasure hunt game. Pegleg Joe was created to play with destructable objects, physics and stress-test the engine. It contains a lot of different systems, some more well-polished than others. Exploding enemies is the main selling point.

Notable features:
- Destructable objects (enemies, houses)
- Moddable questing system ( xml )
- Dialogue system
- Upgrade system

Source code Download the game

Room Shooter

Using existing assets from Top Quality Arena I decided to try more linear gameplay. Developed in much less time thanks to a better understanding of planning, workflow and C#, this is my favorite game I ever made. It is a very hectic shooter with multiple enemies, obstacles and a final boss.

Notable features:
- Snake AI
- Boss
- Insane amount of bullets
- Semi-randomized map

Source code Download the game

Minor Projects

Very short development time.