Albin Fyhr

Epic programmer. Awesome gamer. Wholesome guy.


Programming History

When I was 15 years old I got interested game programming and bought some ebooks to start off my journey.
It consisted of making small simple games in the Unity Engine. Later on I underwent education for both game and more general programming. There I got a greater understanding about programming fundementals and increased my production quality drastically. We were taught in C#, but I also got interested in python during this time and did some small projects as a hobby.
Other skills learned during this time are basic HTML, CSS and Javascript, hence why this website is created by myself instead of using a webmaker liker Wix.

With my amatuer programming skills I earned myself a spot at Playground Squad. It is a game development school with a high focus on projects, teamwork and simulating a real workplace. The school has their own barebones game engine, which was a pain to work in but it was a rewarding experience. It taught me the C++ language and how to set up systems such as collisions, shading, networking and many more things. My ability to understand code and work under strict deadline skyrocketed due to our very fast-paced work enviroment.

During my time at PSQ I have learned many important things, both programming-wise and how to work efficiently in a team.
I am currently studying here until 2021.

Areas I am the most interested are procedural generation, physics and just general gameplay features. This is not to say I am picky about what I work with because I still enjoy working on most things.

At the moment I am working on a multiplayer game. Researching stuff that can be used for both practical and/or cool reasons is my main motivational factor. It is always fun to develop awesome things.
Current game engine of choice is Unity Engine, as it has been for over five years now. Want to try Unreal someday.

Other Info

Gaming has been a big part of my entire life. Favorite genres include FPS, RTS and RPG. Favorite games include the STALKER franchise and Paradox grand strategy games. Games with amazing atmosphere are a big selling point for me. VR is also cool.

Other hobbies include learning Japanese. Other languages I know are Swedish and English.